Our Integrated Approach


Advisors who embrace comprehensive wealth management on average have far fewer clients than investment generalists do and their average assets under administration or management are more than twice as great.1

At Assante, our integrated approach is critical to maintaining the trust of our clients and building long-lasting, strong relationships. By overseeing all aspects of wealth planning, advisors are well positioned to act as the key financial relationship for the clients and their extended families, next generations, friends and business partners. It creates opportunities for extremely efficient and sustainable advisory practices in the years to come.

Having a plan helps clients to define what they want their legacy to be for their family, their business and favourite charitable causes. It opens up a discussion about the clients' needs, priorities, goals and aspirations. It also empowers them by making them aware of the changes that are needed to meet their goals and helps them gain control.

Our approach to managing wealth is shared by influential accounting and legal professionals with whom we create strategic partnerships. Like us, they believe in providing consistent, expert advice and expanding our collective value by addressing the deeper, more personal and often complex needs of our mutual clients.

Time after time, we exemplify our brand through our actions and decisions – and demonstrate that we are committed to simplifying and enhancing our clients' lives. "Be well advised" – it's our promise to you and your clients.

1CEG Worldwide, Breaking Through: Building a World Class Wealth Management Business, 2007.

Nicolas Yvon Nicolas Yvon Financial Planner in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, joined Assante in 2009.
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I used to be reluctant to discuss wealth planning with my clients because I didn't think I had the time to handle complex situations. Today, I am fully prepared. Now I have the time, the confidence and the resources backing me to connect with clients and assist them with a full range of their needs. I am supported by an accountant, lawyer and other Wealth Planning Group professionals and they provide me with their expertise on how to tackle often complicated financial and estate planning issues.